3. Constitution

(i) The Council shall consist of representatives of trade unions or branches of trade unions with membership in the area covered by the Council.

(ii)The application of any organisation desiring to affiliate shall be submitted to the full Council for its approval or otherwise.

(iii)Organisations affiliated to the Council shall be allowed representation on the following basis:-

Up to 150 members - 2 delegates with one additional delegate for each further 100 members, or part thereof, up to a maximum of 6 delegates.

4. Contributions

(i) Each affiliated organisation shall contribute an affiliation fee of 8p per member per annum or a minimum fee of 10.00 (whichever is the greater), payable on affiliation and annually in advance thereafter.

(ii)Any affiliated organisation or branch becoming 3 months in arrears without a satisfactory explanation may be deemed to have terminated its affiliation.

Note - it is up to each union branch/organisation to decide the number of members it wishes to affiliate on

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